At K9 X-Factor our highly trained dogs can reduce criminal and security issues by ninety percent. They are one of the most effective tools within the security environment. It has been proven they are more effective than standard or armed guards and at times better than police for the visual deterrent and the protection your business requires. Our training is highly personalized to your individual, family or organizational needs and has been refined over three decades of work in the canine protection industry.


Selecting the perfect dog

Our training begins with selecting your dog. We do this based on your desired breed but also your individual or family situation and desired outcomes. We will provide professional advice regarding recommended breeds and why. The breeds we use primarily are German shepherds based on temperament and Belgian Malinois upon request. We will also provide advice regarding male or female. We will then select a suitable mating, and then assess the litter and select the puppy.
We have been involved in puppy assessment and selection for over 30 years. We know what to look for. From there we bring your puppy into our home and raise it as one of our own.


Protection training begins early.

We imprint the desired behaviors, while ensuring the pup is well socialized to maintain balance. This is where our expertise will prevent future behavioral problems. We will teach the puppy to play, accept guidance and to be social.
Juvenile development is next. The training requirements will start to intensify. The dog will be taught to come when he’s called, walk at the handler’s side, down, sit, and natural defensive behaviors will be fostered where appropriate. The dog will also commence some foundation exercise for situational security as per the client’s requirement. Integration is increased here. This may involve some interstate travel for dog and trainer.


More advanced training to balance protection and normal living for you and your dog.

Adult training follows. All obedience exercises are proofed. The dog will perform as commanded even when faced with competing motivators. The security training will increase in preparation for handover. Socialization training is introduced to maintain balance with the dog. This includes adapting behavior to ensure your dog is comfortable and responsive to normal living and work environments.
Integration training will be emphasized to ensure a smooth handover. We test for several weeks to ensure the dog clearly understands its job and responsibilities without error.


Placing your dog in your home.

After several weeks of intense training, your dog is finally ready to be placed in your home. We deliver your dog to your family and help you learn how to handle and give basic obedience commands to your dog. We help bond your dog to your family and it’s new environment, and ensure dog and owners are connecting in a healthy and productive way. After 2-3 weeks, we conduct private training to teach you how to understand, identify and implement protection commands when needed. We ensure the dog is responsive and proactive to your needs, and your level of comfort and control with your dog is high before we turn the dog completely over to your family. Once the dog is permanently placed, we stay in touch with you for the lifetime of the dog, and are available to you as a resource for questions, concerns, issues or retraining that needs to occur for any reason.


Applications are open for this exclusive service.

The service is intricate, complex, and enduring. We provide personalized service every step of the way to ensure you get the dog you want.