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What is canine protection?

At K9 X-Factor we are the premier canine protection service for individuals, families and organizations who want to feel safe and protected from threats without the presence of firearms.

Our Training

At K9-X-Factor our trainers have over 50 years of experience preparing dogs to protect you.
Our training stresses selecting the right temperament of dog and obedience to their owner.

Each trainer is certified in IGP and is trained to give the dog real world threats.

Each dog completes an intensive 12 week course after their maturity age between 16 and 36 months

Additionally, our dogs are trained to provide love, support and companionship in their owner’s homes or place of work.

K-9 Blogs

September 13, 2022

The benefits of using K9 security in hospitals

Healthcare workers are exposed to violence more than any profession — to be exact, five times more likely to suffer a workplace violence injury

August 30, 2022

Retail Security: Friendly K9 Dogs Increase Customer Safety and Deter Theft  

K9 security dogs create an increase in the feeling that someone is in an atmosphere of safety for a facility’s customers and employees.

August 30, 2022

Personal Protection Dogs: How to Protect Yourself 24 Hours a Day

Personal protection dogs are the perfect solution for people who feel vulnerable and unsafe in their day-to-day environments.

Our Dogs

K9 X-Factor imports and trains quality shepherds. Our shepherds are the ultimate bodyguard. They are intelligent and hard working but know how to relax. Our dogs are well trained for all security issues which may arise at your home.

We are training our dogs to only think and act on real threats. We trained our dogs to protect their family and pay attention to things which seem obscure and not right from the day before. Our dogs do not engage unless they have to and only then will bark first before engaging the subject. Our dogs are highly social and can be involved in every family activity. They will not go in protective mode unless there is a real threat. Our dogs are friendly with elderly, children, and everyone in between.

About us

Working with dogs is more than just a job - it is our passion! Every dog we take on becomes part of our family. The enjoyment we derive working with them is only surpassed by the satisfaction they receive working with us. Whether you purchase a dog from us or engage our K9 services, you will receive the absolute best quality dog money can buy, and more importantly, one which has been professionally trained for excellence in a loving environment.

K9 X-Factor is an industry leader in K9 security services with a long track record of delivering superior quality service to its valued clients.

Every dog we take on becomes part of our family, and the enjoyment we derive working with them is only surpassed by the satisfaction they receive working with us.

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We are only a phone call away from providing you the protection and confidence you have been looking for. Whether you are an individual, family, or business in need of canine security, we want to hear from you today.