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Canine Security: Is It Right for Your School?

Have you ever wondered how effective canine security teams could be in your school? How do you know if canine security teams would be right for your school? This article will show you how canine security teams allow you to add a layer of security for your students and staff while helping maintain a friendly day-to-day atmosphere. First, let’s look at some interesting statistics behind police shooting of active shooters. Since police are professionally trained at shooting, it’s tempting to believe that their marksmanship is highly accurate. But the facts tell a different story.

According to a New York Times article:
In all shootings — including those against people and animals and in suicides and other situations — New York City officers achieved a 34 percent accuracy rate (182 out of 540), and a 43 percent accuracy rate when the target ranged from zero to six feet away. Nearly half the shots they fired last year were within that distance.

New York City police statistics show that simply hitting a target, let alone hitting it in a specific spot, is a difficult challenge. In 2006, in cases where police officers intentionally fired a gun at a person, they discharged 364 bullets and hit their target 103 times, for a hit rate of 28.3 percent, according to the department’s Firearms Discharge Report. The police shot and killed 13 people last year.

In 2005, officers fired 472 times in the same circumstances, hitting their mark 82 times, for a 17.4 percent hit rate. They shot and killed nine people that year.

Are armed security guards better shots?

If professionally trained police officers have less than a 20 percent hit rate, you can be sure that an armed school security guard who doesn’t train as often as police officers will have a much lower hit rate.

According to Reveal News, "Men and women who have never fired a gun in their lives can set off on patrol in uniform, wearing a badge and carrying a loaded weapon, with only a few hours of training, if any. In 15 states, guards can openly carry guns on the job without any firearms training at all. The results can be as tragic as they are predictable."

Additionally, global security company AFIMAC’s Robert D. Shuster states: "The average armed security officer does not have sufficient, or frequent enough, training to effectively engage a hostile shooter under the typical active shooter ‘combat’ conditions. Given current training standards, they might hurt an innocent bystander or co-worker, or getting themselves killed. Mindset is also critical in this combat situation, and the armed security officer may not be able to muster the will to kill if necessary."

What is a viable alternative to police and armed security guards?
Canine security teams.

Why are canine security teams such an essential complement to school security?

One of the unique aspects of security-trained canines is this simple idea: Canines don’t get psychologically confused like police or guards often do in life-threatening situations.

Officer Steven W. Sturm, a dog trainer with the Baltimore Police Department, says it best: "We see somebody with a gun or a weapon...we will get out of the way...Dogs react totally the opposite. They go. No matter what they see, they’re going to be going unless we call them off."


Let’s take a closer look at three reasons canine security teams are so effective in adding a layer of school security protection.

1. Dogs are a visual deterrent
Often, just the presence of a dog can deter someone from acting unlawfully or dangerously. Dogs can deter aggressive behavior by their presence and their bark. They can even help maintain order and keep a friendly atmosphere during school hours and activities.

School administrators might be wondering about the liability of dogs biting people. The simple answer is these canines won’t bite unless it’s a life-threatening situation. The canines used in schools are raised and trained to be both people-friendly and to go into defense mode as the need arises.

2. Response time: canines vs. police
Consider these statistics:
- As of 2013, the reported national average for police response time was 11 minutes.
- A canine will respond within two seconds to two minutes.
This kind of security is unquestionably priceless.

Canine security teams engage perpetrators immediately—while everyone is waiting for the police to arrive. This gives staff and students a few extra seconds or even minutes to escape a dangerous situation.

3. Speed of dogs
Canine security dogs can run up to 30 mph. Why is speed an important factor?

The perpetrator is dealing with lots of psychological factors in the heat of the moment. A fast-moving dog is extremely difficult for a perpetrator to hit accurately. Canines don’t have this barrier. Remember, the dog is naturally focused on anything or anyone moving.

For decades, dogs have been used in combat to help protect our military personnel in dangerous and life-threatening situations. In most cases, the dog will prevail; it’s in its DNA to accomplish its goal—to make sure it defeats the perpetrator.

Is canine security right for your school?

A security dog is a major asset in any school. Why? Because it will act as a major visual and psychological deterrent for potential shooters—but canines can also neutralize the threat if called upon.

These canines are trained to go after the threat without any hesitation.

Are canine security teams safe on a day-to-day basis?

Yes! These dogs are brilliant and stable and can be used in any hectic environment without fear of them unlawfully biting anyone.


Security dogs (which are properly selected and trained) can make a difference in stopping—or curtailing—the horrific school killings that continue to make headlines across the country.

- Canines cannot be taken from you or used against you (On the other hand, firearms, pepper spray and stun guns can)
- Less liability (than armed security guards)
- Gives time and distance for people to leave a volatile situation

Isn’t it about time we start looking at alternative, nonlethal ways to prevent deadly tragedies in our schools? Or are guns the only preventive measure?

Given the statistics on the accuracy of police shooters, arming school guards and teachers to address the problem of school violence doesn’t seem sound.

As a security consultant for the past 15 years, I can tell you with certainty...there is a better way.


K9 X-Factor in the Hospitals

We here at K9 X-Factor, specialize in hospital security because it has been proven canines have curtailed security issues by ninety percent. Study after study has proven canines are the most effective tool to curtail security issues within hospitals.

Did you know hospitals lead workplace violence more than any other industry? Canines are a proven answer to many issues within the hospital community. At K9 X -Factor we believe canines can make the real difference in Nationwide. Canines being used in this industry have been successfully used in Hospitals on the East Coast for years.


According to many hospitals in the Midwest and east coast, canines have made a noticeable difference in making employees comfortable in emergency rooms and trauma centers within each facility. One security director from the mid-west stated the following “The main thing that would make a facility decide to have canines is the comfort level of employees", “When you get the trauma staff feeling relatively safe, that's a tremendous element when it comes to safety. The psychological value of having canines on the property has a rewarding effect on security.". In another scenario why canines are so effective was from a Southern California hospital.

Since acquiring dogs none of the 11 parking lots have experienced any mugging, robberies, rapes, or assaults despite being one of higher crime areas in San Diego.

Canines were so effective when it comes to getting control of a lobby after a gang incident. The dogs and handlers were very effective in dispersing two opposing gangs in the emergency lobby area. Dogs may appear more frightening than armed security. Within 30 seconds after the dogs arrived on the scene with their handlers you could not hear a pin drop between the two gangs.


Dogs have the advantage because in gang members considered getting stabbed or shot a badge of honor but a dog bite is a form of disgrace. All our staff are retired police or military who have the expertise to use dogs effectively. All our dogs are friendly first and only go into protection mode when the need arises. Elderly, children and everyone in between can pet our dogs and we welcome it. Our dogs can be goodwill ambassadors to your hospital but when the need arises will protect your employees and patients. Canines are more effective than standard, armed, and in some circumstances more effective than police. At K9 X-Factor we know canines are the best choice in reducing security issues at your hospital.

Please give us a call at (650) 245-1644

Personal Protection

K9 X-Factor for Protection

We believe protection dogs are the real x factor difference between a gun for protection. Our dogs are a visual physical deterrent as well as trained fighter. We believe in this motto: "I can recall a dog but not a bullet". Most people will not be able to shoot correctly under stress and may harm unintended target or worse a family member. Please think about this before buying a gun.

Our protections dogs are highly trained dogs who will only protect on command and when the situation arises.


I would like to mention two traits needed in a protection dog. First, Prey drive is key in looking for a great protection dog. Prey drive is the trait which dogs want to chase and shake things that move. If you ever see a dog at a park chasing a frisbee or a ball and holds that item as long as it can that is called prey drive. Prey drive is total fun for the dog. We use this trait to go after the mechanics of biting and eventually fighting the bad guy.

Now a dog needs to have another important trait which I cannot stress enough. It's called defense drive. This is a trait which is in their genes. It cannot be taught. Defense drive is a position where the dog feels threatened or being attacked and reacts aggressively to the assailant. Its a basic fight or flight instinct and we want to see the dogs stand and fight rather than cower and run.

Our shepherds come from Eastern Europe which this trait is still being bred for.


We are training our dogs to only think and act on real threats. We trained our dogs to protect their family and pay attention things which seem obscure and not right from the day before. Our dogs do not engage unless they have to and only then will bark first before engaging the subject. Our dogs are highly social and can be involved in every family activity. They will not go in protective mode unless there is a real threat. Our dogs are friendly with elderly, children, and everyone in between.


K9 X-Factor for Cannabis

When it comes to today’s security risks, medical marijuana dispensaries rank high. New laws, marijuana availability and a high volume of cash sales make a dispensary and the industry as a giant target waiting to be hit.

Dispensaries have a fairly extensive security requirement to include: preventing unauthorized intrusion, exterior lighting, panic buttons and video systems that would rival most casinos. Many also hire unarmed or armed security guards as well.


The underlining idea behind security layers is to make you, your family or business the smallest target possible through the implementation of up to date security layers. While these security layers are just and warranted, K-9 X-Factor would like to suggest the addition of a Personal Protection Dog to the fold.

A Personal Protection Dog (PPD) is just another layer, albeit a very effective one (as well as a Visual Deterrent). The PPD is a great deterrent as it is an efficient alarm system, it is intimidating (83 of 100 recent prisoners stated they would pass a target if a dog was present), has superhuman abilities, offers no technical difficulties, isn’t interested in money or product, and is an immediate threat to criminals. They also offer the added benefits of unconditional love and devotion while being always vigilant and keeping you, your family and business safe.

All systems have the possibility of failure. That is why we have layers. If one fails the next should work. A properly trained PPD & Handler doesn’t! Do you think your hourly paid security guard will engage and stay in the fight with the possibility of losing his or her’s life?

We’re not certain either, but we do know one of our PPD’s and handler will without question! "Given recent events in Texas, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Arizona, the level of threat and/or risk has grown exponentially over the last couple of years.


If you are interested in learning more about K9 X-Factor’s PPD and Handler teams, contact us for more information at 408-569-0232. Take note that all of our PPD comes with a Highly trained handler. Both the PPD and the handler receive the continuous training, which keeps them on the cutting edge of all the latest techniques. K9 X-Factor PPD and Handler teams come equipped with other tools that make them stand as leaders in the industry. We can do aerial view of your growing operation with helicopters and airplanes to find the smallest security issues and send ground teams and canines to correct the issues.

And here in California, the rates have increased at a rate that is 23% higher than the states listed above (needless to say, rising at an alarming rate). You could get a “guard” who has passed the 8 to 16-hour security guard training mandated by the California Bureau of Security and Investigation Services. It is safe to say if something bad happened, not only would you be put in more danger by having untrained security guards at your facilities, the chances of him/her remaining calm in a stressful situation and/or acting at all is pretty slim."

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