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K9 X-Factor Canine Dogs at Work

K9 X-Factor is a service provider that shines a positive light on Protection Service Dogs being used in the security sector. In the past, Protection Service Dogs have been given a bad name based on how they were administered back in the 1960’s. 

K9 X-Factor noticed the negative image that Protection Service Dogs had been labeled with. K9 X-Factor uses the right kind of training, mindset, and motivation to change that image.



How does that happen?

We trained Protection Service Dogs to be Public Relations Protection Service Dogs. 

When you have properly training PR Protection Service Dogs working in a public environment, you change the mindset of the public and any tension that may arrive in possible confrontation.

K9 X-Factor imports and trains quality shepherds. Our shepherds are the ultimate bodyguard and honed assistant for a handler/patrolman. They are intelligent and hard working but know how to relax. Our dogs are well trained for all security issues which may arise at your place of business or at home.

K9 X-Factor dogs can sniff out suspicious scents or behaviors while remaining friendly and playful to those he knows he should protect. It is this ability to discriminate between targets and to understand the given tasks that make K9 X-Factor dogs second to none. Our dogs are alert but gentle until a issue arises which you will want their protection to come into play.


Our canines teams  are retired law enforcement or military veterans who have experience and disciplined needed for patrol and protection of your business.

At K9 X-Factor our teams can reduce criminal and security issues by ninety percent. They are one of the most effective tools within the security environment. One team can replace five security guards. It has been proven they are more effective than standard or armed guards and at times better than police for the visual deterrent and the protection your business requires. 

  • Public relations within the community, which changes negative experiences to heartwarming experiences.
  • De-escalates tense encounters due to it being a visual tool, an audible tool and mental tool for people that are in a heightened state of mind.
  • Our dogs only go in defense mode when the need arises.
  • We welcome children, elderly, and people of all ages to pet our dogs.
  • Our dogs can do the work of five security agents.
  • A study shows protection dogs lowered  90 percent of security issues in an industry. 

  • We promote a positive message about the history of the dogs and how many positive uses canines can bring.
  • How it brings communities together because many family members view well trained dogs as an extension of their family and community.
  • Knowing that P.R. type dogs are in the area tends to bring another level of comfort to organizers, business owners, and Board of Directors because it shows the concern for the connecting with the public and their safety.
  • Staff members encounter an extra level of safety on the job and lowers work place violence incidents.

Our Team


Mark Bosque

Founder & Ceo


Demetrich Brown

President & Principal Consultant


Brent Cooper

Lead Trainer & Sourcing Expert