2022 California Hospital Association Emergency Services Forum (ESF)

General Session — The Pros and Cons of Protection Dogs in an ED

December 7, 2022 | 9:15 – 10:15 a.m.|

eBook: Is Canine (K9) Security Right for Your Hospital?

This is an eBook to help hospital administrators determine whether canine (K9) security teams are a good fit for their organization or environment

Who is it for?

1.) Hospital administrators, doctors, nurses, support staff, patients

2.) Hospital security leadership

This eBook addresses the top seven questions potential hospital staff have about canine security eams and answers whether they are effective and a good fit for them.

Why did we create this eBook?

With the rise in incidents at hospital emergency rooms K9xfactor saw a need for better deterrent systems in hospitals. The trend of having security dogs in Europe and the East Coast United States has been increasing over the last five years. Canine security is a way to reduce the number of incidents and increase employee confidence.

This eBook will address the issue of poor training for armed guards who are not trained well enough to accurately hit their target in hostile situations. With armed guards, the liability is high: Will they shoot the wrong person? Will the gun go off accidentally? They might not be trained in how to deescalate a verbal argument and might be willing to use a gun inappropriately.

Mark Bosque who has 20 years in event, entertainment, and corporate security. Mark Bosque has a passion with canines since he was a child. Since graduating from college with a business degree he has had several sales jobs with major corporations. Back in 2007 he started a security company with a business partner which specializes in event and corporate security.

The company went from four accounts to sixty accounts in five years. Mark stresses customer service and who goes out of his way to make sure the client is receiving exceptional customer service.


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