Mark Bosque who has 20 years in event, entertainment, and corporate security. Mark Bosque  has a passion with canines since he was a child. Since graduating from college with a business degree he has had several sales jobs with major corporations. Back in 2007 he started a security company with a business partner which specializes in event and corporate security. The company went from four accounts to sixty accounts in five years. Mark stresses customer service and who goes out of his way to make sure the client is receiving exceptional customer service.

In his free time he has volunteered with Guide Dogs with the Blind for several years and has experience with explosive detection dogs in Southern California after  911. 

Several years ago he had an experience with his personal canine. While he was checking up on an event he noticed a disturbance at the front entrance of a outdoor event.  The unruly crowd were physically pushing security and management around. He checked in with management and they told him to call police. He knew police were at least ten minutes out before responding to the call. He reflected at that moment and realized he had his family German shepherd in the back of his large SUV. He took his canine out of the car and told the dog to bark at unruly crowd. With in minutes the once unruly adult crowd turned into well behaved elementary students and the line was back in order. At that moment he started studying how canines could be effective for security issues. In his study he started noticing how industries in the East coast started supplementing security with canines and eighty to ninety percent of security issues were resolved in a peaceful manner just by the mere presence of canines. 

In today's chaotic world businesses are looking for effective non - lethal but highly effective ways to deal with security issues which is why K9 X Factor was formed. 


Demetrich Brown

President & Principal Consultant


With over 20 years experience, ranging from Law Enforcement to security director, Demetrich is a highly qualified practitioner in the security industry and has been managing security events, both National and International, and both big and small events, for the past 20 years.

Demetrich has a certificate in Basic Emergency Management and has various vendor issued certifications under his belt.


Brent Cooper

Lead Trainer & Sourcing Expert


BRENT COOPER has been training dogs for over 30 years. He has also been involved in the breeding of German Shepherds and Rottweilers since early childhood. He trained his first dog in obedience and protection at the young age of seven years old, under the direction of his father, Calvin. Brent has been conducting private, group obedience and protection classes in the San Jose area on an on-going basis since he was sixteen years old.

As a teenager, Brent also conducted group obedience training classes for the City of San Jose. Understanding the way dogs think and behave, Brent is able to predict a dog’s action based on it’s demeanor. Brent’s expertise was developed from daily interactions with dogs since early childhood. He is an expert in dealing with dogs that display extreme aggression, shyness, hyper activity, dog aggression, and many other problem behaviors.

Currently, Brent continues to work with clients throughout California for obedience training, protection training and solving problem behaviors, while also maintaining a German Shepherd breeding kennel in the San Jose area. Brent has been involved in the training of literally thousands of dogs and therefore has developed an uncanny ability to understand how dogs think.

  • Brent is an A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Member of the United States Schutzhund Club
  • Member of the Menlo Park Schutzhund Club